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People often ask me why I am so passionate about real estate and able to stay so positive even when the market is challenged. It's because I get an opportunity each and every day to have a positive impact on you, my clients, when making those critical home ownership decisions. I guess you can say taking care of others is a natural part of who I am and being able to pass that on in my work is a wonderful way I am able to give back. Whether you're the first time buyer newlyweds seeking a starter home, ready for that ultimate dream house, in your prime needing to downsize or whatever the motivation for buying and selling, guiding you on this journey is truly a privilege I never take for granted.

With 23 years of sales experience I've been able to share that knowledge mentoring other successful agents and I've been the recipient of top producer and multi-million agent awards and recognition. I love our city, both its western and eastern shores. My appreciation for our history is found in my hobby of historic renovation of eleven personal properties and my passion for The Original Mardi Gras. Through Crossfit, Spartan Racing, Tough Mudder and our many local 5 and 10k races, combined with a focused spiritual life, I find the strength and fortitude to represent the best interests of you through honest and balanced solutions.

If you and I were to sit down and have a conversation about what I think makes a successful realtor partnership, I would share the following:

1) Trustworthy to always watch out for you and your family's best interest, not mine
2) Relentless in making sure your needs and expectations are being met and exceeded
3) Always there when you need me to be
4) Never taking short-cuts for the sake of closing a deal
5) Honest even if that means I don't make a sale
6) Making sure you always know all of the details, both large and small and when a curve ball may be coming
7) But most importantly, always have your back because that is what you have entrusted me to do by asking me to protect you and your asset
That's my philosophy. I was born and raised here and my integrity and reputation as a professional is paramount to me. I learned the importance of integrity through my years of schooling at St. Pius, McGill Toolen and Spring Hill College and by the example of parents who worked hard and always taught us to do the right thing. I will employ that same philosophy for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. Let's start a journey together.